Baroness X Mirror, Mirror

promotional samples ahead

Mirror mirror on the wall, what holographic black is the badassest of all? Oh, that's right. It's this one. I have a softspot for black polishes, and an even softer one for unique blacks. This one from Baroness X checks both of those boxes...and then some.

Mirror, Mirror is a super-black jelly-ish polish that is packed with the shinies. There is spectraflair pigment, there is holographic glitter, there might be some ground-up unicorn horn in there. Tl;dr its shiny. It never quite looks the same each time you look at it.

The rainbow is strong in the sunshine. So much so that the otherwise upfront holo glitters almost resemble simple silver flakes at certain angles. I love it. I want it in a thousand colors. I like to wear black polish on my toes in the summer time, and I think this might be my Summer 2015  color.

I admit that when I first took this polish out of the box I was a bit apprehensive. The last polish I tried that looked like this was Julep Estelle...and that was a sorry disaster looking back on it, please to avert your eyes. I was prepared for a lumpy finish this time. I had my Gelous, my SV, a matte coat, and my CNC Glitter Slayer. I was ready. So imagine my surprise when the first coat was...even. Smooth. Really? Second coat went on as easy as the first...and the final, thin third coat left me with a perfectly glossy and level finish. What? Is this a trap? Is Demi a witch? (she might be. I've asked, and she hasn't said one way or another)

And because I can (now), I had some macro fun. I definitely need more practice with that lens. Figuring out the distance, lighting, etc is going to a challenge. It certainly would be easier with a phone attachment I think. But I shall persevere. For Science!

Just one more, before we part. Out of curiosity (and partially because I still didn't trust this polish's smooth finish. There is no better way to see pitting glitter than to add a matte coat) I added a layer of the WnW matte topper. It muted a lot of the shine, but brought out the holo glitters and gave it a look of sparkly leather. I went to Sally's while wearing it, and the clerk asked me about it. It's wonderful.

So yeah, scamper on over to Baroness X and grab this one. You need it. How are you living without these shinies in your life?