With A Little Help From My Friends

promotional samples ahead

Inspiration doesn't just come from art and nature. Sometimes it comes from your friends. When that happens you either pay tribute or ignore them completely and pretend you thought of it on your own. I decided to pay tribute.

I blatantly stole this idea from my pal Joy. She has some amazing swatches and often does this magical smooshy thing with multiple polishes. It has long-since fascinated me. She seems to have a knack for making randomness perfect and beautiful. This one is, by far, my favorite. I was green with envy every time I saw it, and knew I had to copy it somehow.

 Colors Used
OPNL Baroque-n Record
OPNL Body Electric
OPNL Who's Got Their Claus in You
OPNL Absinthe-Minded
Sally Hansen Luxe Lace in Ruffle

why are the pictures in "close up" mode so warm?

Did I do it justice? I am in love with the idea, and you might see it waaaay more than you want to in the coming months. It is great for breaking yourself from a brain-block, and it looks like a galaxy without being OMGART!