Carpe Noctem Cosmetics Taupey Tips

Slowly attacking my "untried" bin! Huzzah for forward progress! My test subject today is my very first Carpe Noctem polish: Taupey Tips! You know how I love a good nude(ish) polish.

I had this polish in my Etsy cart for weeks...maybe months. I can impulse-buy the hell out of random polish at a drugstore, but for some reason I am way more careful when it comes to online shopping. Is that weird? It feels like it is. Once I finished with my Doom Christmas shopping, I decided to buy myself a little gift.

Taupey Tips is a cool, milky taupe jelly-ish polish with a scattered holo. I think it might be a linear now, which is kinda neat/kinda kicking myself for my timing. I needed three thin coats to get the coverage shown, but I think this polish needs to be semi-translucent. You'd never know that my nails are still orange from a before-Xmas mishap from looking at these pictures. Three coats gives a glass like finish: hinting at a nail line, but still covering your sins.

Tl;dr I think Carpe Noctem has a customer for life. This polish was great. The shipping/turnaround was decent, considering the time of year. What color would you recommend I try next? Or do you know of another nude-ish indie I need to own?