Baroness X Love Duo

promotional samples ahead

For your average person this holiday is full of cheap candy, crowded restaurants, and cheaply made lingerie. Thankfully, we aren't average. We're lacquerheads. That means we actually have something worth waiting for: limited edition nail polish. I'm telling you guys, Baroness X does not disappoint with her Love Duo. If this pair is any indication, this might be the best holiday yet.

It is probably no surprise to anyone reading, but I am not the mushiest of people. I don't watch romantic movies or read romance novels. I dunno, I never really went for that sort of thing. I don't expect flowers and candy and expensive restaurants on Valentine's fact I haven't been out on that day since 1998...and that was an awful evening. It ended with me and my BFF chain smoking in the driveway of an abandoned house waiting for pizza.

This year, at least, won't suck. Baroness X has produced a limited-edition pair of polishes this year that will make even the lamest night magical. There are only 20 of these, and a special gift* for the first eight shoppers, so I would definitely be camping this one.

Love Spark
Love Spark is a slightly cool-toned pink holo with sterling silver flakes that applies like unicorn blood. I love the addition of the sterling flakes because they aren't starkly silver and it gives a warmth to the color that contrasts nicely with the pink. They also keep it from being an average pink when you are in dim lighting, which tickles me. In the sunshine, the rainbow is blindingly awesome...and yet I still see the flakes peeking out. It definitely stands out in my collection.

Fun story: I had to wait for the sun to rise enough to take pictures of the rainbow on my back my neighbors don't think I'm Well there is a cat that hangs out in our yard...and she is my cat's nemesis. My cat wouldn't bugger off and let me open the my sunshine shots were taken with me crouching in my kitchen, trying to get into the sun. Yay. I am committed to this shit, guys. But that is why it looks so warm. 1990's oak cabinetry FTL.

Love Bubbles
Remember the Holiday Duo from OPNL? Remember Bumble's Bounce? How hard did your heart break when you missed it? Well, thankfully the Baroness heard your cries and decided to take pity on you. She has recreated it, but in a rosy hue this time! I honestly can't decide which I like better...but I can promise that some sort of art with these two is on the horizon. 

I slapped one coat over the top of Love Spark, and I love it. It is exactly as perfect as Bumble's Bounce. I kinda want to try this over a gray. I love pale pink + gray. Especially for Spring. Like its cousin, this one has matte white glitter...but this one has hot pink holo bits instead of blue. It applies like magic and dries smoothly. I didn't even have to take a file to the free edge, which is super rare for glitter toppers.

*I almost forgot! I did mention something about a special gift...and here it is! This one is called Love Sweet Love and it is a glitter topper with hearts, circles, flecks, and awesome. There are exactly EIGHT other bottles available. And then that is it. I think this one is definitely unique. Even though it has a ton of lays smoothly. No stabby bits or curling edges. I am a happy camper.

shown over Revlon Dreamer

Is it wrong that I prefer my Valentine come bearing holos and glitter rather than coupons to steakhouses and cheap chocolates? If it is, I don't want to be right. (I have always wanted to say that) I recommend heading on over to Baroness X and grabbing one of these duos while there is still time. Nothing this good lasts forever.