See? I'm Festive

promotional samples ahead

I'm not completely "bah humbug" this time of year. I do have two little kids, so the magic of Christmas is still in full effect around here. But I do get burned out on it pretty quick. I can only take so many warm and fuzzies before I start thinking of smacking people with a Yule log. If left up to me, I probably wouldn't do any obviously Christmas nail art...but my tiny masters have spoken and...

Colors Used
Sally Hansen Stocking Nude
Anne Kathleen Eliora
Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar

I couldn't have it be boring, could I? Especially with those glowing polishes I just swatched from Anne Kathleen and my black light still sitting out. Its like the universe compels me. I'm a slave to fate.

I can kinda see my fingers here because there was a light on 20 feet away.
Feels good to get the obligatory Christmas manicure out of the way. Now if I do another, it will be happy and relaxed and natural. I shouldn't complain holiday nails go this is pretty tasteful.