Pick Two: Gwen Stefani for OPI

Gwen Stefani and OPI are at it again. You would think that last year's debacle would have taught them a less...but nope. Thankfully, this collection isn't as meh, but it still isn't OMGTHISISAWESOME. I only grabbed two for now. If these go on clearance again, I may snatch a few others as well.

Red Fingers and Mistletoes

This one is a foily red with gold. In the bottle, it looked so rusty and red and fabulous. I was drawn to it from across the store. Once I got it on my nails, however, I was bummed. That up-front gold doesn't show at all. I have seen this finish a thousand times from Zoya.

It is a perfectly nice polish. At this length, it took my three coats to cover the nail line. It dried nicely, and didn't flood anywhere. I just wish that rusty gold had shown through. I even put the bottle upside down for fifteen minutes, hoping to dislodge that coppery/rust from the bottom. But alas...

If you don't already have a perfectly metallic red polish for the holidays, then I recommend this one. But you can definitely find something more affordable too. I can't say "pass on this" but I can't tell you that you need it. C'mon, OPI. PLS.

First Class Desires

Now this is (slightly) more like it. This is a plummy dark polish packed with orange/gold/pink bits. I am actually happy with this one, but it isn't unique either. It is really like China Glaze Howl You Doin'? except with a little greenish flakes in there instead of pink/red glitters. Definitely room for both in your collection.

A lot more of what happens in the bottle translates to the nail with this one. You actually see a bit of that shift that makes you pick it up off the shelf in the first place.I wish there was a little bit more life to it, but its a tricky balance with dark colors. You either lighten the base enough to let the flakes shine...and end up with a five-coater...or...you darken the base to make it opaque in a reasonable number of coats and sacrifice a few of those flaky shifts. It's a hard choice.

Application wise, this one was a little weird. It likes to drag, no matter how long you wait in between coats. I can still see spots on my index finger which makes me rage a wee bit. I needed three thick coats anyway, so balding is offensive at this point. But the color is sooo pretty. Hear that crack? It's my heart being torn in two.

Have you grabbed any of these? I'm actually hoping these go on clearance again this year, because there are a few others I am eyeing hard.