Peachy Keen

promotional samples ahead

This is the most seasonal post you will ever see. It is. I promise. I just can't tell you which season it belongs definitely isn't the Christmas season. I just felt like doing something bright and cheerful. Yes, I am feeling okay...why are you asking?

Colors Used
OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby
Akira Lacquer Sorbet Kiss

lights on
Since I recently semi-mastered the art of glow-in-the-dark photos, I decided to break out the other glowing polish that had tortured me for months: Sorbet Kiss from Akira Lacquer. It killed me that I couldn't swatch this sucker properly (I still haven't. But now y'all know it glows.) and I decided to sorta do something about it...and then I saw the gold pearly in Sorbet Kiss. The OPI was still out on my desk...and it called to me. I am a slave to polish, guys.

lights off. being still is hard.

Are you over glowing polish yet? I feel like I have packed the last few weeks with an awful lot of it. It fascinates me, and I can't help it! Even as a kid, I loved all things glowing. I remember being 15 or so and getting a pack of glow-in-the-dark life was complete. Do you have any suggestions for more glowing stuff I should check out? If so, leave them in the comments. I need to know these things. FOR SCIENCE!