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  1. Holy shoot, Nichole! So this is the big change you hinted at on your Instagram?! I was browsing the archives on PGS and on one of your Halloween 2014 posts it said this post has a new home... So I clicked on the link and BAM! Surprise! I think it's a really big step to establish yourself as a solo blogger, and though I'm sad to see PGS go, I'm super excited to see what lies ahead on your solo blog (and Amanda's, if she has one!) Good luck Nichole! <3

    1. Shh! Its a secret-ish still. ;) Yeah, Amanda and I are going in sorta-parallel-but-different directions. Its actually fabulous for both of us, and has really made a (positive) difference in our relationship. She's gonna have a blog/fb/etc soon, but she is still working on the details.

    2. My lips are sealed! I'm so glad that it's been good for your friendship. Most people would probably think that this means that the two of you are drifting, but it seems that it just shows how strong your 10+ year friendship is. I can't wait to see both of your blogs develop!

    3. it was absolutely the right choice for us. I think we've talked more, and more comfortably, since deciding to split than in the previous six months. I just think we've traveled as far as we can together, and in order to grow more we need to go it alone.

      I'm super excited to see where the road takes the both of us.


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