Golden Doodles

No, not dogs. That would be weird. Though I guess this could be sorta curly hair inspired...if you want to stretch things to the limit. I'm just mad about sharpies still, and decided to spend an evening doodling on my nails. I had no real plan to start, but I love where I ended up.

Color Used
Gwen Stefani for OPI Love. Angel. Music. Baby

I find this sort of manicure to be very relaxing. I'm a doodler anyway, so this is definitely in my proverbial wheelhouse. There is rarely anything paper-ish in my house that doesn't get some sort of drawing applied to should see the margins of my notes when I was in school.

Are you a doodler too?  Have you tried applying that absent-minded task to your fingertips? It can be a great hand-occupier or tension reliever. Doctor Professor Nichole recommends it.