Frankenpolish: The Beginning of a New Obsession

I realize that if you are reading this blog, the chances that you know what "frankenpolish" means are pretty damned high. In fact, there is a good reason you are giggling at me right now for my late arrival to this party. But I have been bitten by this bug, and's bad guys. I'm hooked.

For those who aren't proper lacquerheads, "frankenpolish" is basically combining polishes, pigments, or glitters together to form a completely new polish. I know quite a few people (...Amanda) who buy polishes strictly for their frankening potential. I used to think this was nuts. Now...I can definitely understand it.

When I was searching for Miss Argentina inspiration, I stumbled across a blog post detailing how to make your own Miss Argentina inspired franken polish. I actually had everything (or a near-dupe) I needed to make this polish, so I jumped right in. From the first coat of my DIY polish, I was hooked. That frankening tag is about to get a work-out.


NYC French White Tip + Wet 'n' Wild Waiting for my Solo

two coats + top coat
I have had a fantasy of having a white polish with gold glitter or shimmer. In my dreams, its a gold pearl finish...but this is good enough. I'm sure I could have found an indie to fill this spot...but none that I found were quite perfect enough for me to pull the trigger. This isn't exactly what I wanted either, but I love it because I made it myself. 

Have a Cigar

Essie E-Nuf is E-Nuf + Fingerpaints Art You Wondering + Wet 'n' Wild Slap the Base

two coats + top coat
Why yes, I am a Pink Floyd did you know? This one was basically born of "I like these two colors! Let's put them together again!" This one was by-far the best of my experiments. It covers in two coats and doesn't need much top coat to smooth things out. I give myself an A+ on this one.

two coats + top coat + matte top coat

Miss Argentina

China Glaze For Audrey + OPI Alpine Snow + Wet 'n' Wild Creative Control + Orly Bubbly Bombshell + Orly Mirror Mirror

two coats + top coat
The polish that started it all. I actually made mine far paler than the original polish, and I think I prefer it this way, especially with the glitters I used. I can see this polish being in heavy rotation come springtime. It looks clean and fresh without being omgspringeaster colored. I am so happy that I found that blog post. It might have changed my life. 

two coats + top coat + matte top coat
Well?! What is the verdict? Did I do the frankening world justice? I think this is a great way to reuse polishes that didn't work or that you never wear. Though I definitely see myself buying cheap polishes strictly to remake my own...along with a TBK order. The future is definitely bright and filled with glitter.

this post originally appeared on Pretty Girl Science on 12 November, 2014 and is represented here with permission of the original author.