Anne Kathleen: Holiday Night Lights

promotional samples ahead

Are you ready for more awesome from Anne Kathleen? This might be the awesomest awesome that ever lived in Awesometown. I've been hinting and teasing about these for nearly a week...maybe I should just get on with it?

Or maybe not. We have some time to kill here. I feel like this post, more than any previous, has taught me some things. I made a list.

  1. I like shiny things even better when they glow in the dark.
  2. I am not too old to play with flash lights. Especially black lights.
  3. My house isn't as dirty as I thought
  4. Cats are scary under a black light.
  5. I am not as good at cleaning up manicures as I thought I was.

(bear with me on this post. My camera was on a tripod for the glow-in-the-dark shots, so I had to give myself over completely to the upside down pose. I actually don't hate it, and it is far more comfortable. Opinions & critiques are welcome in the comments.)

Ok, really. before we begin I have some promises to make. Well, mostly one. I promise that there is no editing of any kind going on here. I haven't gotten crafty with the lighting or photoshop. I will send you copies of the originals if you want or tell you the exact settings I used, just drop me a line. I will say that a remote and tripod are indispensable here. These polishes will glow normally if you charge them with a 60w or higher bulb. I used a little black light flashlight because ain't nobody got time for that.

Tl;dr the glow is legit. No shenanigans needed.

top to bottom: regular lights/black light+house light/just the polishes after

being charged.

This one is a true-red jelly packed with glitter. It is pretty neat...even without its secret. I would wear the shit out of this color...I do love a good vintage red. The glow is softer than the others, but no less amazing. Two coats + topper and you are G2G, which is fabulous. I need a car in this color please.

lights on

lights off

A lovely pumpkin orange jelly drowning a metric ton of glitter. Another two coater, and I'm in love. Normally, I have a hard time wearing orange. I LOVE it, but it doesn't love me back. WHY ORANGE?! WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?! Ahem...yes. Orange and glowy. Yes darlings.

lights on

lights off


A proper, bright, glowing lemon yellow jelly that is shoved full of glitter. Who doesn't want this? Honestly, I figured that the yellow would be my least favorite...until I put it on. Now I am obsessed, and it is going right back on as soon as I am done with the swatchathon. Two coats + topper below, and everyone is happy. Also, please ignore how messy I am. I had no idea until shit started glowing.

lights on

lights off

I love this. LOVE. St. Patrick's Day, watch out. This is a super bright kelly green and silvery glitter jelly-ish polish. Like all the others, I only needed two coats. 
lights on

lights off

Cobalt, glowmagic, and glitter. How can anything involving all three of those things be bad? HOW?! It can't. I love this color...maybe my opinion on blues is changing as I get older? That would be weird, for sure. Again, I only needed two coats for complete coverage here, and one layer of Seche Vite made it look like a tiny blue universe on my fingertips. 

Lights on

lights off

You may notice that I am missing a color. My bottle got a little...weird. I'm waiting for a new one so I can finish the rainbow. Until then, check out the shop (if you are reading this on BlackCyberMondayFriday then there is still a sale going on). 

FYI: will be closed from 17 December until 15 January for the holidays. The girl deserves a break, but lets make her work for it a little?