Akira Lacquer: Winter 2014 (part two)

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Part two! Part two! It is always satisfying when the second part comes fairly soon after the first. No cliffhangers here kids. So without too much more blathering, let's get on with it!

Dirty Snow
Another textured polish here (though I top coated it because damn the man) and this one is just as lovely as the others. I am seriously in love with grays lately. Maybe it is the winter? I dunno, but I think they are just beautiful. This one is filled with shiny things and glitters, and is lovely after three thin coats. I don't even find the texture that offensive and you know how I feel about textures. (Basically, I hate them unless they can be easily smoothed like this). 

Oh, and after smoothing the texture I threw a matte coat. Because matte. And Holy Shit Guys. Magic.

 The only true "topper" in the collection this time around. It is filled with black, silver, gold, blue, berry, magic, and holographic glitters in a super smooth base. I used two coats below over other Akira colors (y'all need that berry) and it was just magic. For science, I tried 3 coats over bare nail...but eh. I think I like it best over the green (Akira Lacquer Kickin' Kiwi). I am kicking myself for not applying a matte coat to this one too.

Black Ice
What is wrong with me and textured polishes!? I think I have a mental block, because every single picture I took without the top coat of every single textured polish came out either over-exposed or blurry. My brain doesn't want you to wear these textured. Nope. Which is good, because omgshiny with a topper. Black Ice is as beautiful as it's namesake is scary. It reminds me of that Azurite polish (the one with the bazillion realactual diamonds) or the polish with the actual opal dust that ThePolishedMommy shared back in March.

This one. My favorite. I love it. I need lipstick to match. And a car. And jewelry. Seriously, if you are one of those folks who makes the pendants from polish...you need this one. It is just amazing. The squishiest jelly with so much glitter that I seriously can't even. Not even a little bit. Wow. I posted a teaser on fb and instagram the other day...and oh man. It is just amazing. I want to buy all the bottles and paint my shoes. And my glasses. And errythang. Buy this one. Just...go now.

There you have it! Akira Lacquer Holiday 2014 in all its sparktacular glory. Do you have a favorite or three? Which ones are you planning on grabbing? I think I might need a back-up of Sugarplum.