Pinspired: Tattooed Bride of Frankenstein

Let the season ring! These little bits of inspiration have been rolling around my Pinterest board for quite some time. I thought now was as good a time as any to break them out. I wanted something seasonal-yet-streamlined. I think I nailed it. 

I tried to bring two things together that really didn't match, to my mind, at all. The tattoo below I have loved forever. There is something beautiful and graphic about it, yet somehow very natural. I dunno, I just love it. I have always wanted to do a manicure inspired by it...because there is a gradient. (...duh...)

 My Inspirations

I wanted to pull this towards Halloween a bit, so I decided to use that ghoulish green that (even though she wasn't) I still associate with the Bride of Frankenstein. The Orly was practically made for this! It's quite sheer/jelly-leaning, so it was a luminous contrast to the inky perfection of the Liquid Leather.
I think this is intensely wearable, regardless of the season. It fits in to the spooky season wonderfully, but I think it would be great for summer as well. I thought about doing this with a nude instead of a green, but looking at it now I am glad I chose the green. I think this shade might be popping back up this holiday season. It is delightful.
My Version

Colors Used:
Orly Jealous, Much
China Glaze Liquid Leather