Minimalist Psycho

Minimalism is not something I am known for. But in an effort to keep things interesting, I decided to take a step outside of my comfort zone. I think it turned out awesome, even if it isn't the most ghoulish thing you'll see this month.

Psycho is one of my all-time favorite movies. Has been since I was a (strange) kid. My childhood cat was called Norman...he was a bit of a creeper but avoided dressing in drag whenever he could. I really wanted to work this in somehow this month, but I wasn't sure how to do it without being silly.

My Version

My Inspiration

If you have never seen the original Psycho, you MUST go find it right now. It is a wonderfully creepy/suspenseful movie. You even feel bad for the baddie in this in certain points, which for me is the hallmark of a well crafted horror/thriller. And Anthony Perkins is just amazing in this. It is a bit of a shame about all the sequels...

Colors Used
China Glaze Liquid Leather
OPI Alpine Snow

If you've never seen the movie, I'll try to explain myself without spoiling too much. There is this iconic "shower scene". Lots of "blood" spattered against tiles. It had been copied, spoofed, and talked about forever. You've probably seen references to it without even knowing about the original scene. Supposedly Janet Leigh (the main actress) couldn't take showers for a long time following the filming of this scene. Sadly, the blood spatter and swirl of bloody water that most people associate with this movie were...chocolate. Yep. How's that for deliciously scary? Effects were easier in black and white.

Do you have a favorite scary movie for this time of year? This one is definitely in my top ten. The husband is slightly more nostalgic about gore-covered flicks like Nightmare on Elm Street. But for my, the quietly scary things are always better.