Halloween Doesn't Have to be Scary All The Time

promotional samples ahead

It couldn't all be maturity and restraint. Eventually, wobbly spiderwebs and goofy spiders were going to make an appearance. It is Halloween, after all. I'm pretty sure I would have to turn in my "Halloweeny" badge if I didn't do a few goofy things this month. Let this manicure be the first...of many.

I wanted to do something fun. Something that would make my kids squeal and giggle. I totally accomplished that with this manicure. There were feigned shrieks of terror, squeals of delighted goofiness, and grins from my tiny judging council. I think that means I got an A this time.

Colors Used
NYC Sidewalkers
China Glaze Liquid Leather
Octopus Party Pumpkin Slice
Cirque Panacea
OPI Alpine Snow
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black

I don't really have a preference when it comes to the holiday regalia. I like wearing the cheeky stuff, even though I personally like the scarier stuff best. What is your preference? Are you a spoooooky person?