ELF Red. Yes, That is The Name.

Halloween is my favorite time of year. Anyone who doesn't realize this by now...well, there is a bridge I'd like to sell you when this post is done. For the rest of you, it is also obvious that Halloween rocks because of the cosmetics that come out! This year, I haven't found any of the stuff I normally do, so when I saw a lonely ELF display at Target, I snapped up a bottle of polish. It isn't Halloween without some themed makeup and polish!

This stuff is called Red. Yes. Just Red. That has to be the most boring name in the history of history. Was the person in charge of naming polish out sick the day they threw this out to the world? Come on, ELF. At least put a little effort forth and crack open a thesaurus. I have decided to lend an (unsolicited) hand here and offer up some alternate names for this color.
rouge, blistered, fevered, florid, scarlet, crimson, ruby, sanguine, blooming, cardinal, rose, carmine, claret, cherry, vermilion, flaming, flushed, cerise, blooded, garnet... 
Tl;dr there are a few names that they could have chosen that would have been slightly less generic. I think it bugs me because this is actually a fairly decent polish. I used two coats for complete cover, and it dried fairly quick and level. Like all ELF polish, it stunk terribly. Like sickly sweet chemical candy. Even I, normally immune to the stink of polish and it's brethren, couldn't keep my hands near my face for a day. But it looks nice, especially for a $2 bottle of polish. I recommend it, especially if you need a scarlet for the holiday.

Is it just me that is having trouble finding the Halloween cosmetics this year? I am flat-out amazed that I haven't come across the Wet 'n' Wild displays at any of the stores I normally shop. Polish is definitely my favorite offering...it lets me be a little spooky all year round. What is your favorite offering?