Bats, Glitter, and Sharpies

Today is more of the "why did I wait so long to try this" stuff. Can you believe this is my first attempt with sharpies on my nails? I am a fool. A foolish, foolish fool. 

Colors Used:
OPI Alpine Snow
China Glaze Liquid Leather
Sally Girl No Way!
(nyc matte top coat)

So...I can't draw bats. Who knew? They are like drunken scribbles one would find on the Bat Cave's bathroom wall...but they totally work. In order to disguise my ineptitude, I added glitter. Glitter is like the bandaid of the polish world. It fixes everything.

And because no glitter should ever be not-matte...

Have you tried a sharpie manicure? Are you in love with the concept, like I am? I apologize, in advance, for the deluge of sharpie-fied fingers you will be seeing in the future...