Vampy Nails on any Budget

I love this time of year. I get to break out all my dark colors...without getting the "Oh cheer up! It's Summer!" Look here, random lady at the grocery store: I like dark colors. They were made for me. This is the time of year when everyone and their mom starts pumping out deep oxbloods, wines, and plums...and often charging through the roof for them. I took a peek through my stash, and found five options for pretty much any (reasonable) price point.

I realize that there are a ton of vampy colors out there. Chanel really made the entire market explode in the 90s when Pulp Fiction became the movie. But I am not about to spend $27 dollars on a nail polish if I can find a dupe for under $5...well, I might. But not normally. I promise. 

OCC Black Dahlia $10

two coats + seche vite
I've got a full review on this coming soon. It's a perfectly serviceable deep maroon polish. At $10, it is at the higher end of my personal "do I need it?" scale. It definitely fits the bill for fall.

Orly Plum Noir $8.50

two coats + seche vite
This is a great color for people who like their vampy colors to be a little different. It is still dark and fall-appropriate, but the purple makes it a little bit different from the norm.

Revlon Vixen $4.99

three coats + seche vite
This polish (not this bottle) was actually my first "family friendly" dark color ever, at the tender age of 15. I picked it up at the Walmart in Searcy, Arkansas...and I wore the shit out of it. I think I used up 75% of the bottle before I turned 16. In the picture, I tried to get close to my light so you could see how perfectly oxblood this color really is. I love it, but I might be biased.

NYC In a Minute Manhattan $1.99

three coats + seche vite
Another plummy color, but much farther down the price list. It is actually one of my favorite polishes. It's hard to not love a fast-dry polish that applies nicely. The price also makes it very attractive.

NYC Plaza Plumberry 99c

three coats + seche vite
The least expensive polish (not counting coupons) that I could find in my stash. Compared to other brands at this price, it is fairly spectacular. It is almost a perfect dupe for the OCC color and you can buy nine bottles of this for the price of one of those.

Do you have a favorite vamp color for fall? Is it more red than purple? Or perhaps you like the brownish shades? Let me know if there is one that I need to check out!