Octopus Party Nail Lacquer Fall 2014

promotional samples ahead

You guys. Look. LOOK

I am so excited to show off the Fall 2014 collection from Octopus Party!  I think you will all be pretty stoked when you see these as well. I am just over-the-moon with how each collection just seems to get better and better.

Bleeding Tarts
I wish I had this one a few weeks ago when I did my vampy roundup, because this would have fit in perfectly. Its a deep plummy/oxblood jelly...that is opaque in two magical coats. I know. I think this is going to be my pedicure color for the winter.

 Evil Live
Bring on the holos! Dave seems to have fallen into the holographic well...and I'm ok with that. Evil Live is a plummy red linear holo that is opaque (even on longer nails) in two coats. It's slightly more than half amazing. Somehow, it looks different in every light.

When I first saw this one, I admit I yawned a bit. Another silver holo? Well happily, I was wrong! Its hard to accurately capture, but this is actually a gunmetal gray. I don't actually own a silver holo, because they feel a little mundane. But this one, am I glad to have in my collection. It's just dark enough to be interesting. And I admit that I am loving the two-coat-wonders in this collection. It makes these great "throw on and go" shades.

Pumpkin Slice
Orangey and delicious. Like a rainbow orange soda (which I hate but used to be my favorite). At extreme angles, two coats of this look like a highly polished copper minus the pink. It is such a nice shade (look Ma, I'm wearing orange!) that it might be a universal color. I'd even hazard to call this SFW. Somehow a holo and a true orange are neutrals...what?

No Wane
This one gives me shivers. It might be my favorite (have I claimed a favorite yet?). It's inky and dark but not quite black and opaque in two coats. I need to compare it to Color Club Beyond, just to give the world at large a baseline for how unusual this shade really is. There are no words, so I'll just stop here...(its so shiny Im gonna die!)

Witches Get Stitches
Did I say that No Wane was my favorite? Ok, I take it back. This one is my favorite. I don't even know what to call this one. It's just pretty. It reminds me a bit of those fake berries that you find on holiday wreaths at craft stores...which makes this a transitional color for the cooler months! I used three coats for this one, just to make sure the shimmery shinies were all over the nail. 

When I was testing it out, I applied one coat and left it alone...and found that it was lightly textured and a bit matte (two/three coats dry glossy though. Can't explain that). Normally, I'm not crazy about textured polishes...especially when it comes to laundry times. But this didn't bug me at all. I still have to test my theory, but I think I may have accidentally found the textured polish for people who hate textures! Further testing is definitely required.

And there you have it! I am so stoked for Fall this year, guys. Each and every indie brand I've tried seems to be picking up the slack for the rather lackluster mainstream market, which is awesome. If not for indies, my whole fall line-up would be classics only...and no one wants that.

Do you have a favorite? Or two...or three...or six...you know what? Never mind...I'll be over here, painting.