Nail Honey Sweet Jelly Bean

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I've got a whole bunch of Nail Honey goodies coming (hopefully this week!) and this is just the first. Of course I had to start with the polish. I'm not a heathen.

This one is called Sweet Jelly Bean, and I love it. Hell, my kids love it. It looks like a bag of jelly beans exploded on my nails. My oldest says she wants her birthday cake to look like this. I had to gently remind her that Mommy hasn't any time for such shenanigans...(not really...I just laughed and told her to tell her dad.)

three coats + top coat

unrelated to anything, but I took these pictures on 18 August. I know, I know...I lag. Quitting smoking makes it hard to brain. But my point nails grow too fast. I want them to be just a wee bit longer than this, and never grow again!