Jessie's Girl Glee

I posted a couple of picture on instagram this weekend to announce it, but I finally went to Rite Aid and bought some Jessie's Girl polish. I dunno why it took my this long, it isn't like Rite Aid is that far away...but it's not on the way to anything, so going over there feels like a chore. But Friday night, sans kids, I wandered over...and grabbed Glee and Fire Fly. I think I'm in love.

This is a very close dupe for Orly Halley's Comet and Layla Soft-touch Turquoise Splash, but way more budget-friendly, which appeals to me more and more as my kids grow out of clothing faster and faster. I probably wouldn't buy a $10 polish on a whim these days...but a $4.99 I can justify.

Glee applies nicely, and I needed three coats to cover the streaks. I love how crazy-bright it is, way brighter than the Orly or the Layla. It also seems to be more green, but I need to actually look at all three in good light as the post I linked was done with different lights and camera. 

I highly recommend it, though I don't recommend googling it. I ended up with a bunch of images of some dude from a tv show...and he wasn't wearing this polish that I saw. 

And of course, I added a matte coat for science. In person, it hardly dulled the glow. I lovelovelove this stuff. I wish I hadn't been so stubborn and lazy for so long!