Cirque Erda

I know, this is more a Christmas color than a Fall. But I don't care. Its so pretty and shiny and lovely. 

I'm part of a (few) polish groups on Facebook. One of them is actually a great community, and I really like the ladies and gents there. One young lady (HI CHRISTINA!) announced that she was going to a Cirque sale, and did anyone have a wishlist...well you know that brought every laquerhead out of the woodwork.  I asked for Erda and Panacea. Both colors that are completely out of my normal range, but for some reason I couldn't get them out of my head. Initially, she wasn't able to find Erda, but she did grab an unlabeled sample that looked similar...and guess what it turned out to be!?!

The polish gods smiled on my that day. Plus, when she sent the package she included candy. So yeah...