Baseball and Fangirling

It may or may not be a big surprise (especially if you follow me on instagram), but we are big baseball fans around my house. Last weekend, we took Thing #2 to her first Major League baseball game...and of course I had to have nails to match. (it didn't help. We lost.)

Colors Used 
Sally Hansen Insta Dri I-Rish Luck
Octopus Party Gold Vibrations

I told you that I had three manicures going on in one week featuring the Gold Vibrations from OPNL. I decided to space it out a bit, so it wasn't "OPNL Week" completely...but I totally might do that. I could do dozens of different things with this gold holo alone. It really is beautiful.

Here are some pictures that I posted on Instagram. Look at those happy wee faces! Oh, and it was Unicorn Backpack day at the Coliseum too...

Me & Thing #2

the backpack. we got four...maybe I should sell one?

Me & Thing #1