Octopus Party Nail Lacquer Thermogram

promotional samples ahead

Holos are hard to pass up. I know that they catch my attention whenever I see them. But finding a different looking one is hard. There are a ton of pale pinks/blues/purples out there...and I don't even know enough people with fingers to start counting the silvers. When I saw this lilac/blush colored holo, I knew that I had found something unique.

This color. Holy shit, guys. It's like someone blended Daenerys Targaryen and a rainbow together, then stuffed them into a bottle.  It is at once a pale lilac and a soft blush...ultra feminine and wearable. 

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It applies like a dream, as I expect any polish from OPNL to behave. For normal wear, you really only need two coats, though I used three here. It even behaves properly under top coat, which some holos have trouble doing. I can't wait for the sunny season to establish itself here so I can bust out more of the holo polishes. This one is definitely going into heavy rotation.