Crowdsourcing: Blue, Orange, and Yellow

promotional samples ahead

Another crowdsourced manicure? But of course! This one is thanks to Dyanna, who suggested yellow, blue, and orange. I kinda interpreted the "orange" as "mango"...but close enough. Plus, it gave me an excuse to play around with my nail art pens. The revamped ones are much better than they used to be.

Colors Used:
Sally Hansen Insta Dri Brisk Blue
Akira Lacquer Star Fruit
Sally Hansen Mighty Mango
Sally Hansen Nail Art pens in Black and White

I'll never get a good straight line with these. The tips of these pens combined with my shaky hands and short attention span pretty much guarantee a very "rustic" final product. But they are super fun, and let me do more detailed things which I can never seem to do with a brush. I've actually got one old pen, and one of the new ones. The formula is very different in the new ones, more akin to a paint than the oily weirdness of the old ones. I may need to grab a new version of the black and properly compare the two.