Crowdsourcing: Almost Mardi Gras

Today's manicure is another crowdsourced idea. The colors were suggested by Rachel K, and they really threw me for a loop. Orange, purple, and teal are hard colors to coordinate. I decided that if I was going to do some challenging colors, I might as well try a technique that I always have trouble with as well...I am not a smart woman.

Colors Used: 
Ciate Skinny Dip
OPI Amazon Amaz-off
Sinful Colors Let's Talk

This is (I think) called a "ruffian manicure". I love the look of it, but for some reason I can never get it quite right. I've done it only once before and that was practically on accident. I actually think I did a fairly good job of it this time...though it did take me three damned tries on that middle finger for reasons I shall never know.

You'll notice there is only one picture of my manicure today. Well...even fancy cameras can't make up for shitty photographers. Every other picture was bleary and blurred. There was some cursing and possibly a few tears. As a consolation prize, please accept this picture of a crazy-beautiful sunset that I snapped from my front porch. Some days, I truly love where I live.

risky click. this picture is huge.