Nyx Macaron Lippies • Swatches & Review

The internets have been aflutter lately over wild lipsticks. Amanda has posted not one, but two wacky lipstick hauls (how out of character!) in last last month or so. I have always had a soft spot for weird colors, so it was a no-brainer when Nyx released the Macaron Lippies. Of course I had to buy them.

Nyx Macaron Lippies • Swatches & Review

This post originally appeared on PrettyGirlScience.com back in July 2014. I moved it over here for the sake of searching.

I picked up five (so far) during Ulta's buy one/get one half off sale, right after my birthday. Their shipping is ridiculous, but it was free and I used a giftcard, so I guess I can't complain much. I wanted to get Pistachio as well, but that bastard is out-of-stock. I may need to stalk Nyx's website for a while to get my hands on it.

Nyx Macaron Lippies • Swatches & Review
L to R: black sesame, blue velvet, lavender, violet, chambord
I love these lipsticks. They are everything I wanted my Wet'n'Wild Halloween lipstick back in 1997 to be. Creamy, pigmented, and easy to wear. The only weird thing is that the bullets don't feel especially stable. I had trouble with them winding themselves back down when I tried to apply them, and they feel like they would snap right off if you extended them all the way.

Nyx Macaron Lippies • Swatches & Review


Blue Velvet


Black Sesame

I named this picture wrong...


The colors are wonderful and vivid. Violet reminded me of a neon version of MAC Heroine, but somehow packing less of a punch. If you love purple, but found Heroine to be a bit much...you might need Violet. My kids are obsessed with Lavender. Strangely, my youngest actually looks good in it. Maybe in twelve years I can buy her a pale lavender of her very own (these are mine, dammit). I wish Blue Velvet was a little deeper, and I wish I was brave enough for Black Sesame. But I will definitely be trying to make these non-special occasion lipsticks.