Pin Busting: At Home DIY Gel-Like Manicure with Things You May Already Have

Time for another exciting episode of Pin Busting! This one, I must admit, is another win...for the most part. I stumbled across a pin that tracked back to this post, and I was immediately skeptical. There are so many "MAKE YOUR MANICURE LAST FOREVER" pins out there...and most of them are pure, top-shelf bullshit. But this one seemed semi-legit. I had to give it a go.


I have found, through trial and error, that my personal layer limit for nail polish is 8 layers. Any more than that, and it seems to just peel off. When I read that there was some sandwiching of a good top coat involved, I was hopeful. And you know what? It totally worked for me. No peeling! (I admit, I kinda enjoy peeling sheets of polish off.)

Day One:

China Glaze Rose Among Thorns

I tried to follow the directions, but we all know I'm not great at that. I think I used one layer too many of color. Oh well. Close enough, right? I love how super deep and glossy the color looks. When I do this again, I will definitely be using a polish with some shimmer to it. The only trouble I had was that I got topcoat all over my fingers. I definitely recommend being more careful, and perhaps doing a bit of cleanup in between layers.

Day Two:

I managed to get most of the topcoat off my fingers, but the thickness at the cuticle line did not want to leave. It kinda made me want to pick at was all I could do not to cave in. But it's still glossy and flawless, so I'm happy.

Day Three:

By now, I'm starting to question my decision-making skills. Can I really keep a polish on for 7 days? One solid color? SEVEN DAYS. It's a long time, guys. But it still looks good...but I'm getting bored. Even neons can't keep my attention forever.

Fast forward to Day Seven! 

 Day Seven:

I missed a few days, but it was a busy week. My holiday job often leaves me tired at the end of the night. I know, I'm a terrible blogger...but real life is a major pain sometimes.

I had pretty minimal tip wear, believe it or not. And I did this experiment over Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend, so you know I was rougher than usual. My right hand had a bit more chipping, but only noticeable if you look closely. The only true chip I had on my right was my own fault: I picked a price tag off a box. Nails are not tools, people.

Day Seven: Not too shabby, really. The shine is
duller, a little worn on the tips...but totally doable.

Lefty's tip wear.

 My left thumb probably fared the worst. But remember, I am working in the fragrance department. So I sprayed my nail with a lot of perfumes/colognes...and rubbing alcohol. No regular manicure could be expected to last under that sort of abuse. The fact that there is any shine left at all is amazing.

definitely the worst wear

This pin was completely great, I have decided. I can't wait to try it again with some shinier, more sparkly colors. Since I will be working throughout the holidays, I won't have time/energy to be painting my nails every other night...I can see this being a real time-saver. I am definitely filing this one away for future use!

this post originally appeared on Pretty Girl Science on 5 December, 2013 and is represented here with permission of the original author...which is me.