The Planets, Expanded: Orion

I was feeling a little spacey this week, so I decided that I needed space nails of some sort. But I've done galaxy nails to death, and decided to do something a little different. Enter constellations!

Orion is my favorite constellation. When my oldest was an infant, I saw it a lot. Hours and hours spent staring at the midnight sky. For some reason, that kid was very calm outside. Whenever she'd start throwing a fit, we'd go take a quick walk down the street. Usually before we left our driveway, she was quiet. Because of our time together, I kind-of grew to love Orion. 

My Inspiration


My Version

The Planets, Expanded: Orion

Colors Used:
Barielle Berry Blue
Revlon Dreamer
Wet'n'Wild French White Cream

Don't see it? No worries. It's a little abstract. But I promise I was as exact I as I could manage. I've drawn in the connecting lines here, so you can see what I was doing more clearly.

The Planets, Expanded: Orion
why yes, I am a nerd. 
This post originally appeared on Pretty Girl Science on Sept 27, 2013. I moved it so it could be with its family.